Wednesday, May 4, 2016


I'm sitting here, just days before Mother's Day, nearly bawling my eyes out because of a blog post I just read by Joanna Gaines. Besides monthly hormones I promise there is nothing wrong with me. Reading her encouraging words about her business and the joy of motherhood prompted me to sit my butt down and start blogging. So, here we are.

Welcome to Try Making Lemonade. I think we all know the saying, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade." That is what has inspired this blog. After many years of marriage, three children, various jobs, and now a new military lifestyle we have learned that adapting and seeing the silver lining can make sour situations sweet.

As I sat reading through posts and comments on a local spouse support page I couldn't help but think, "how are people see these situations as such a curse when we truly find them to be a blessing?" It was mind baffling to see the complaints over pay, housing, work hours, etc. My husband and I find ourselves praising all of these things since joining the military! Before my husband was working long, unpredictable hours filled with commuting, uncertainty, and stress. We did worry about making money, constantly. He worked commission jobs so if he didn't work he didn't make money. We battle between the benefit of taking Saturdays off, most of which he worked and working Sundays, a day we know to be for the Lord. We sacrificed a lot of family time and a lot of Sabbath time trying to make it work. The Lord very clearly, and with so much ease, dropped the military  in our laps and we were finally able to have the balance in which we were so desperately seeking. It has been a fantastic year and we are so glad to be where we are now.

Continuing on with the blog, I want us to all try to find the positives in life. The things that you see as a curse or hinderance, try to see why you have them and how you can make it positive. Open your heart to happiness and positivity. I know that sounds cheesy but I'm telling you there are a good handful of twenty-somethings in that group page that need to quit complaining and be happy already! Don't be your worst enemy. Don't look for the negative. Don't be what stops you from being happy. And all of it, motherhood, being a wife, working, staying at home, not sleeping, etc all has its ups and downs. Right now I'm in a weird phase in motherhood where my older kids are getting ready to start school, both full time, and my baby is still in her cute baby phase. I am, as is Joanna, "encouraging you to fully appreciate the season you're in."

So...hopefully now that you know a little more about us and our purpose, we look forward to seeing you again soon.

xo Rachel